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“Darbecca Pty Ltd does not endorse any individual or group of builders, however, Darbecca has identified those builders who are open and transparent in their dealings with both homeowners and itself. These builders embrace independent inspection and feedback. These builders include in no particular order:


Metricon.      Simonds.       Boutique Homes.         Home Buyers.       Carter Grange.        AHB.    Sherridon.  Soho Living.        Marque Property Group.        First Place.        Evo Homes.      Dennis Family.       Henley.  Elite New Homes.        Exclusive Homes.         Australian Building Company.          Orbit Homes.



Unfortunately, there are those who do not embrace the role that Darbecca plays or the matters that it identifies, those who will seek to charge you a fee for independent assessment and those who  will, regardless of the merit and the evidence, refuse to accept the reports and comments from Darbecca. Often these organisations will also have special conditions* that Darbecca are openly critical of.




Included in the ranks of those who are refusing to accept reports from Darbecca or wish to charge clients fees or have special conditions that Darbecca Pty Ltd is critical ** of are:


Arden Homes.                   Frenken Homes.

Burbank Homes.               JG King Homes.

Mimosa Homes.                Thomas Archer.

United Builders.                 Urbanedge Homes.

Carlisle Homes.                 Eight Homes. 

Porter Davis Homes.          Bentley Homes


Note: Price is forgotten just after conflict starts.


        * Darbecca Pty Ltd accepts and understands that not all houses are built the same and that some builders achieve an outcome by doing matters differently to others.  Darbecca Pty Ltd supports sustainable and innovative building practises.  However, some builders include special conditions to vary tolerances or finish in a manner which, whilst legal, are not supported by this office.

** For that reason we recommend that before you sign any contract you should seek independent legal and or technical advice on the need and effect of any matter that varies a standard form contract or seeks to amend a building method by way of a performance solution.  Darbecca Pty Ltd can assist with the latter.