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Team Darbecca provides a tailored quote to each and every customer. We collect the relevant information over the phone and then provide you with a Pricing Guide specific to the scope of your build.


Please contact the office at alternatively on (03) 5366 6900 and chat to one of our staff members who will be able to assist you.



Payment Policy

    • Our payments are strictly required on the day of each inspection.
    • Please note that no defect report will be released until such time that full payment has been made and/or cleared.
    • There are 2 payment options available to you:

    -          Option 1 via bank transfer, please email a copy of your payment advice once completed to enable your report to be released.

    -          Option 2 Visa or Mastercard payment over the phone a 1.5% surcharge will be applicable.

    • If payment has not been received and the works have been completed, Darbecca reserve the right to apply an administration charge for the recovery process of all costs associated with receiving or following up on late payment/s.