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Svdl  Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Every build needs a darbecca report!!!

So far we have had 3 reports done by darbecca, on the second report we met with Dale from Darbecca on site and he was execellent, he knew so much about everything and picked up on a lot that should of been picked up on. Our builder had their own inspector who passed everything and once you see all the photo and the things that are wrong that to someone who isn’t in the industry I was shocked at how they passed every stage.
Once things were brought up in the report we did our own research into every item and some were very serious which our builder would of left, had we not had the report done we would of been left with broken tiles damaged drainage, bricks different colours.
We have had the best experience with them and talking to the inspector on site. Our builder used bullying tactics and it was very helpful to know what was wrong and where we stand.
We couldn’t be more grateful for getting it done.
A lot of our friends are building and we have highly recommended the inspector we had!!
So thanks guy awesome job!!



Aaron  Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Professionals through and through

Darbecca know their building code, A+ reports detailing all illegal defects with actual screenshots of the relevant building code.

Can not recommend highly enough, worth every single cent!

Seriously, don’t pass on their services.





Trusting the build of my first home thank you very much Darbecca

We would just like to say a big thank you to the Team at Darbecca.

With the early signs of a horror build, Darbecca were the key to ensuring my house was built correctly and to standard.

I recommend to all my friends, don't ever build a house with out Darbecca.

Thanks again Darbecca.



GM!  Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Fantastic experience

Fantastic experience from the office staff all the way to Carl our inspector will continue to recommend to anyone who is building very professional and always explained any problems in detail



Antoinette  Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Great company

We were referred by a friend who have also used Darbecca after hearing about our endless building issues.
They were fantastic right from the beginning and I would hate to think what the builders would have gotten away with if we didn't use them.
Thank you so much Darbecca I will definitely be recommending your services.



Yann  South East Queensland, QLD

Thorough inspectors who won't let you down

We used Darbecca to perform inspections for a project home built in Brisbane in 2019.
The reports from Greg were meticulous. He identified a large number of defects that I would have never noticed and could have become serious issues.

Each defect from the report specifies the standard / code that is in violation.

In our situation, the builder initially fixed some of them. However, as the builder noticed that the following reports were as thorough as the previous ones (and previously unresolved defects were re-added), he decided to ban Darbecca from the site.
While such an act goes against the law - there was no reasonable ground - , we reluctantly chose a different private inspector.
This was frustrating for us. We knew we were being bullied by the builder but couldn't afford the risk of putting our build on hold and go to court.

Greg went above and beyond to help us during this stressful time and greatly appreciated the professionalism and integrity of Darbecca.


Wayne  Melbourne


Carl is one of the staff there and he does the extra mile on his job. recommended to use him and the company Darbecca. I used this company and everything was going smooth and my property is built without any problem



Casslex  Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Worth every cent

Thank you, thank you, thank you Darbecca. As first home owners and knowing very little about buildings house, you have saved us so much worry! Thank you to Carl and Paul who conducted our inspections and provided the assistance when we weren’t sure about some items. The customer service team have been great and very friendly. We originally only wanted 3 inspections but ended up doing all (6) inspections as it was so very worth our money.

Darbecca. Absolute Life savers who are a must through the building process!!

Am in the process of building my first home and contacted darbecca for an urgent frame inspection. Within 1 day inspection was complete and I had received a thorough in depth report.
Service was absolutely outstanding from office staff to my inspector himself. Darbecca epitomise professionalism and true care for their customers and I would not hesitate to use them again. They are an absolute credit to the building industry.
Thank you so much Darbecca and to anyone building I highly recommend using this service.
Naomi and Son  Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

An absolute must!

I was advised to go with Darbecca from family, and we are so glad that we did! Darbecca were very helpful, professional and prompt from the get go... no question was too silly, nor was anything to much trouble for them. The independent inspector that we got was lovely, showed us around the house, what to look for etc.. their reports were detailed and heaps of items were picked up for our builders to review! It was very re-assuring to have Darbecca inspect our build... definitely worth it! Would recommend to all. Friendly, professional service and happy to help whatever the query! Thank you Darbecca.
Anton N.  Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Best Quality Assurance and Advice

I got the reference from my property developer Brown Properties. From the first inspection to the last, Dale Jamieson did a wonderful job advising every item in detail. So far I have recommended Darbecca to 3 of my friends. Dale is always on time, sends out the report promptly on the same day, answered every question professionally.



Matt VIC

Could not recommend highly enough!

We are building our first home in Ballarat and would recommend any home builders utilise their services. They are extremely thorough and quick to reply to any communications. They are also excellent when it comes to dealing with builders and site supervisors.





Would recommend

We are currently building a home in Melbourne and have used Darbecca for inspections at the various stages of construction. We have been happy with the prompt, clear and comprehensive nature of the reports which have highlighted a relatively large number of defects - most of which we would not have identified ourselves. For the most part these have been relatively minor and have been corrected by our builder (to their credit)- but the process has given us piece of mind and also opened our eyes to how many defects could have accumulated over the course of the build and potentially given us problems later on if left unchecked. I’d like to especially mention Dale; who went above and beyond recently and kindly offered to utilise his own infrared camera as a complementary service, when I mentioned my concern about the installation of our wall/ceiling insulation.




Exceptional Help and Professionalism

Building our large, double storey home (Sept 2019-Mar 2020) was made in to a seamless, stress free experience by Darbecca. The admin team were always prompt and efficient in their housekeeping matters but the outstanding performer was Dale (whom I recommend clients should request by name). He was with us for each inspection (except the 1st) and was always open to our questions, was understanding, extremely thorough and punctual. He is very apt in his field and his knowledge base of the guidelines and standards are above expected. He took our suggestions/queries, advised if they were within regulation or not, and included them in his report to help action them with the builder. Using specialised equipment to check inaccessible areas provided a high standard of checks. Highly recommend Dale.



rh1n0  Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Their services have been a big eye-opener

Couldn't be happier that we decided to go ahead with Darbecca's services, in particular our inspector for every stage was Dale J. - absolutely fantastic with his helpful findings, professional reports, and advice + empathy during the process we endured from the builders.

While I don't think I can go through the motions of building a house again any time soon, I'll definitely be utilising the services again should the opportunity present itself!




They always have their eye on the ball

We just completed building our house with the assistance of Darbeca inspectors. Their professionalism & attention to detail helped in having our builder up their game and in the end we got a neatly built house. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who wants peace of mind during the building process.



Kim  Southwest, VIC

Very thorough

Money well spent! The inspector found issues with my build that I never would have noticed. I wish I got them to inspect the ealier stages of my house as well.





Please do yourself a favour and get Darbecca on board, make it the first thing you do when considering to build your future home. I can honestly say I have not taken the liberty to post reviews in the past. However after experiencing the first hand, priceless service from Darbecca over the entire duration of our building experience, really wanted to help others. There’s no hiding my OCD, anxiety and need for complete re-assurance lol. And when making such a valuable investment it really was at a high. Darbecca have been patient and understanding and answered many questions from when we were in only the pre – purchase stage of our build and then throughout the entire building process. This was our third build, and my only regret was I had only been referred to them for this build. Building a home is more then likely the largest financial investment you will make in your entire life. Unless you’re on top of the build with professional advice, sadly many important standards, regulations and requirements may be completely ignored. Do yourself a favour and budget for private inspections when putting together your new home build finances. The couch, tv and leisure items will always be there to purchase later. The structural integrity of your home however will be a much larger cost to have rectified. The piece of mind and having an independent inspector that works for you in my opinion is a no brainer. I give my highest recommendations to this very professional and knowledge business. Many thanks Nathan and Renee



Nisha C

Darbecca truly is what it says

We have chosen Darbecca for all stages of our first home build. We came across a lot of issues with our builder but we were in good hands of Darbecca which helped us in every possible manner. Most of our inspections were done by Robert who is a very knowledgeable inspector and wonderful person. Darren.. what should I say about him. He is gem of a person. Despite being owner of Darbecca and a busy man, he himself gives advise to the customers wherever required. I am such a fan of this company. Even the administration support is very courteous and doing a wonderful job and always remind the customers of their rights. I would always choose Darbecca for our next builds and definitely recommend it to all my friends. Waiting for our fixing and pci done from Darbecca..




Bonnie  Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Would not buy or build a house without Darbecca

We have used both Darbecca Vic and QLD for both our house inspections(new build) and highly recommend. Also suggest an inspection for each stage,they have saved us thousands of dollars in repairs and a headache with the builder



David Queensland

Great service

We engaged Darbecca as a private inspector for a new build. Our inspector Clayton was very thorough and insightful. I seriously recommend his services for any practical completion inspections for new builds.




Christine S.  South East Queensland, QLD

So grateful

Darbecca have been incredible over the last couple of months. Clayton and Greg went above and beyond to support me during my build, particularly when dealing with a non-compliant builder that was trying to intimidate me and refuse Darbecca on site in the beginning. Every report (I hired them for every stage) was thorough and detailed, nothing was missed. Clayton even picked up defects at handover that I would never have noticed. If you're considering hiring a private building inspector - give these guys a call ASAP.




Michael M.  Central Highlands and Goldfields, VIC

Very positive experience with Rob and the Darbecca team

Darbecca were very good to deal with on all fronts, their admin team are generally quick to respond and generally have no issues squeezing in appointments. I had Rob as the inspector for the building process and and was very detailed in his reports picking up many defects and following up the rectifications from the previous inspection on his next inspection and if the defect hadn't been rectified he would list it again in the next inspection report to ensure it would be rectified. Rob also lent himself to be contacted if we weren't sure on anything or needed any help with anything. Overall I'm very happy choosing Darbecca and believe it was money well spent.




Sam Lakin   South East Queensland, QLD

Would highly recommend- such a valuable service this Company go above and beyond

Darbecca was recommended to me by a friend who is building her home, I have used them now for two inspections, they have been amazing and I can honestly say I don’t know what I would do without them, they go above and beyond and actually care about your home being made as promised but more importantly to the construction standards that are in place to protect the client from defected and dangerous homes being passed off as complete. Big thanks to Clayton and Gregg.




Michael F.  Central Highlands and Goldfields, VIC 

Money well Spent and Peace of Mind! Big thanks Darbecca and to Robert!

We are almost approaching a year since we moved into our new home and would like to give our appreciation to Darbecca in assisting us through our final stages. If it wasn't for Darbecca outlining the defects on the day, then We would had moved in not knowing. We truly believe the team effort between Darbecca and our builder has resulted in a beautiful home, We are so grateful.

A big thank you to the admin team who were flexible with our enquiries and dates, this process was made easy :)

A final thank you to Robert who was our inspector on the day. Robert still makes himself available to my phones calls if I have any building related questions, amazing customer service. You are a true gentleman Robert and We appreciate your time over the journey and knowledge.

We will definitely be using Darbecca on our next build, we have recommended Darbecca to a number of friends already :) .

Highly recommended.





loli  Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Excellent Excellent Excellent

They are the best service inspectors very professional and they pick everything I highly recommend.from Mary and Neville thankyou so much we will be using you again for our next property




Kim D.  Victoria

Great customer service, attention to detail and impressive. Highly recommended for any new builds

Such an amazing job done by Greg and the team! Honestly the customer service is excellent and inspection reports covers everything, with such high attention to detail and complete piece of mind! They have helped us get the best from our builders With the report providing us confidence to push back on builders and ask for things to be reworked correctly. Highly recommend.




Mary Hanna  Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Highly recommend to anyone building a home

We have had Dale Jamieson attend a fixing and waterproofing inspection and the advice and recommendations in both reports have been invaluable. We highly recommend this service to anyone building a home. Relying on building surveyors to conduct their own inspections is not enough in ensuring quality workmanship and full compliance with BCA. The cost of inspections as a proportion of the entire build cost is insignificant and worth every cent.



Rijosh  Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Highly recommended

Darren and his team was very helpful in the entire process of build. Highly recommended. We can trust in Darbecca and they will look after their clients well. No hesitation to recommend to anyone.




Stephanie T.  Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

I would not trust my home inspection with anyone else! They are the best!

Darbecca has inspected my property 4 times now. I was dealing with rather unprofessional builders who knew I was a young naive first home buyer. My builder attempted to handover to me a house that is clearly not ready to be handed over.

When I handed my Darbecca report to the builder, my builder ensured that they make it difficult for me before they agreed to amend the items on the Darbecca’s list.

Darbecca was there to empower me. Robert to be precise was able to help me understand more into the defects. He was able to let me know that my builders are being unprofessional.

I know that with Robert’s thorough reports that he has my best interest. He always answers all my emails and gives me a call when he knows I needed his advice. That I have a home that’s up to building code of Australia. I honestly cannot commend them enough. Thank you so so so much Robert. I have faith that Darbecca will always have my back!! I would give them 100 stars if I could! Thank you Darbecca!



Sukhveer K.  Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

You have my trust Darbecca :)

I would highly recommend Darbecca, especially to the first home builders. My partner and I are building our first home and Darbecca's inspection came really handy for someone like us who doesn't have family or friends here to guide us through the building process.
Our site manager gave us less than 24 hours before pouring slab to get the inspection arranged but Darbecca made that happen. Moreover, we got a very detailed inspection report that our inspector (Adam Fenton) helped us interpret easily. He was very prompt in responding to our endless questions, calls and emails that followed in the aftermath of slab pour. The back and forth between the builder and us went for around a month until the builder provided us with the required photographic evidence to prove that defects were corrected before the pour and Adam went through those evidences each time to ascertain the same. His advice throughout the process was invaluable and we got to escalate the matter with the right evidence. As a result, our site manager has become watchful for further stages to come.
I will definitely be engaging Darbecca for all the upcoming inspections.





David, Darren and Brett from Darbecca were great to deal with and very professional. My inspector David had detailed knowledge of his job and produced a good report. I recommend Darbeeca for your private house inspection for sure!!



Emma  Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

10/10 Professional Service

If I were to ever to build again I would definitely use Darbecca.
David inspected most stages of my build and every stage was looked at thoroughly and he explained everything to us to ensure we knew what we were looking at once our builder rectified any issues. We also had Greg and Brett attend and they were both just as attentive.
All the admin staff have been a pleasure to deal with and made the booking process so easy even with late changes being needed due to the builder changing timelines.
Would highly recommend Darbecca to anyone looking for an independent inspector.



Didem H.  Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Excellent service

I would highly recommend Darbecca for all inspections during your build. Darbecca inspected some stages of my build and the communication with all staff was pleasant, concise and very helpful. When arranging a time for inspections the admin staff would attempt having an inspector on site despite the builders change of timelines and were always happy to help out. Reports were always completed and submitted in a timely manner. The inspector I had was Justin Vella, he has been excellent to be in communication with. Justin has a great amount of knowledge in this field and has been happy to answer my calls and emails when needed. Thank you Justin for all your hard work and efforts. I will definitely be choosing Darbecca for any future home building inspections and I will be requesting Justin Vella as he is very knowledgeable and a delight to be in contact with.





Hemal Ganatra  Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Exceptional service

We engaged Darbecca to conduct a defects report for a residential property at lock up stage in Melbourne. Dale Jamieson was allocated the job and he has done an exceptional job highlighting all defects in the construction. He has provided very sound and professional advice will empower us to ensure that the builder complies with all regulations and delivers a quality build. Dale has shown high standards of professionalism and conduct in every aspect of the job. We would highly recommend Darbecca in our network.




Amy E  Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

So thankful for Darbecca

The Darbecca team were exceptional from start to finish. Competent, reliable, flexible and thoroughly well versed in their trade. Through a challenging build, we felt so much reassurance having Darbecca in our corner. Inspections and reports were thorough and diligent and nothing was too much trouble for Darbecca.

Highly recommend to any building a house in Victoria.




Spidey78  Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Best inspectors!!

Darbecca has been a great choice for our first home build. Easy to deal with very professional and thorough. I want to call our our inspector Greg, who inspected majority of of our build. He was fantastic and took time to explain things if I had doubts. Highly recommend Darbecca.




Mark R.

Get Darbecca in before you start building

I would highly recommend Darbecca, thorough ,professional and expert technical report. They are very good value for money , don’t go for the cheapest inspection you may only get a superficial report. If you plan on contracting a builder you don’t know get Darbecca involved before you sign contracts ,specially a HIA based contract which has 50 pages of terms and conditions that benefit the builder. It is much better to have Darbecca to set the standard of build at each stage than fix problems at the end of the build .Spend the money it will get you a better build , less stress and protection from a low quality build .




19/12/2017 – Vivian – Narre Warren

Could you kindly pass on a big thank-you to all that assisted with our Inspections.  I have never dealt with anyone with this much efficiency and professionalism.



18/12/2017 – Ben & Stacey – Point Cook

Also, we would like to mention how professional and thorough Carl was when conducting his inspection yesterday. 



07/12/2017 - Sarah – Greenvale

Just wanted send a quick thank you email. The inspector you sent to my site today was extremely professional and helpful.


01/12/2017 – Mark – Highton

We have found the building inspectors (Brett & Paul) to be extremely knowledgeable and always going out of their way to offer more.

My partner and I have already referred two clients to you.

We will continue to refer new clients to you, as you have been very helpful and made the building process much less stressful and informative.

Brett & Paul are very valuable employees. 



29/11/2017 – Tom & Rose – Mernda

We would sincerely like to thank the whole team from Darbecca for their assistance. Your work has given us immense peace of mind and security knowing that build works are as they should be. We have found everyone from office staff to Inspectors to be true professionals, courteous, polite and very accommodating. We appreciate your quick responses to emails and level of communication. It’s been our pleasure to have you represent us.

…Brett was wonderful yesterday, very grateful to have had him.



29/11/2017 – Maria & Rebecca – Mickleham

Hi Rod, 

Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to inspect the build of our home. 

You guys are just fantastic. So grateful I chose Darbecca to look out for our home. Best decision we have ever made!! 

Thank you to all! 



28/11/2017 – Debbie – Mount Duneed

Paul was amazing and kept his cool in light of several people being on site.  He asked several times if I was ok but tried to get on with his role.  He was professional, went above and beyond in the circumstances and was still able to do his job to the best of his ability. 

…I just wanted to say Paul was amazing and I felt really supported by him and he has been fantastic on the inspections in our home.



28/11/2017 - Daria & Andres – Mount Waverley

As we have reached our final phase, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for the outstanding service and professionalism that has been provide to us by Darbecca admin and site attending staff during our build.

12 months ago, I was recommended by a close friend to use Darbecca as our independent inspection organisation, and my wife and I are glad we did. 

Your comprehensive site inspection reports allowed us to have a professional approach when communicating back to our builder in relation to make good items during each stage, and in turn enabled us to determine financial steps and key decisions along the way.



15/09/2017 – Sandra – Rockbank

Thank you Rebecca helping me chase this up all your product reviews are outstanding on the internet which reviews includes all the office staff.

I haven't even began with your services and already it has been great starting with office staff responding to my emails.  I wish my builder could be like this.



11/09/2017 – Neil – Clyde North

Thank you for the help and support during the building of our new home, much appreciated. The Darbecca reports have certainly helped us through the process and picked up on things we would never have seen or been made aware of that something was an issue.  



17/08/2017 – Carol – Point Cook

I have been very busy lately but I have wanted to say- what a wonderful job Darbecca is doing for their clients and improving standards within the building industry!

…Brett and Carl have been such a great help. I am so happy with the inspections and can’t say enough about the quality of the reports.

…All the office staff have been patient, friendly and willing to help.



27/06/2017 – Michelle – Plumpton

I just wanted to say thankyou for all your help with our property inspections and I’m happy to say we are finally in our new home.

…Nicholas and I really appreciated all your time and effort into inspecting each stage, and that all repairs were done by our builder accordingly.



22/06/2017 – Evan – Werribee

Thank-you very much for your inspections at Darbecca! It has definitely given us a peace of mind that we're receiving a quality build. You guys have been more than fantastic and we'll be sure to leave some great reviews.



22/06/2017 – Moe – Clyde North

Thanks for the update and would like to thank your Team and Dale for an excellent service.



30/05/2017 – Steve – Werribee

Thank you very much for the service you and your team has provided me. Being unfamiliar with the build process, it was great to know that I could rely upon Carl and the entire team throughout the process. Your service was always prompt and very professional and have highly recommend your business to a number of friends who are in the process of building their homes. It is not often that the owner of the business gets involved in individual cases and would like to thank Rebecca for calling our builder during a very frustrating phase of the build.



24/05/2017 – Daniel – Greenvale

I would just like to say that dealing with everyone from your company has been an absolute pleasure.

From my first phone call you were able to organise an inspection the next day and nothing was too difficult.

During the building process of my house everything has been stressful and I have found dealing with builders to be very hard work.

The best decision I made was to employ the services of Darbecca - It is worth every cent and more, your reputation as being the best is very well deserved.

The first thing I will ever tell anyone when building there house is to take up the services of Darbecca - you understand what your clients want and deliver that in the best possible way.

I find myself referring to Darbecca whenever I have building questions rather then my builder to get an answer that actually makes sense and is helpful.

I wish I could only deal with Darbecca during the building process, I would be so much happier.

I sincerely cannot thank you enough for everything so far and I’m only half way through my build.

Keep doing what you - please pass this message along to ALL your staff, from the people that answer the phones to the inspectors and everyone in between, THANK YOU!



02/03/2017 – Yolanda – Thornbury

Many thanks to you and the team, especially Rebecca for taking me through the process initially and most of all Rod, for the very thorough reports.

No doubt I will be recommending your services to family and friends that build.



14/02/2017 – Imran – Lalor

Thanks Rod,

Great work.

I am impressed with your attention to detail and high work ethics. You must be an asset to company and definitely need a pay rise.