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Darren Love DB-U 65968



Darren Love is the founder and Sole Director of Darbecca Pty Ltd.

After working mainly in the commercial building industry as a Site Project Manager, Darren moved into the domestic building sector. Darren worked for several smaller builders before working for one of Australia’s highest volume home builders.

In his various building roles and through his own home building journey, Darren identified there was no-one advocating for homeowners to ensure that builders were being held to the standards they were required to meet. And he became keenly aware that many builders simply weren’t meeting these standards.

None of this sat well with Darren. He steadfastly believed that change was required to protect homeowners’ rights.

After all, if he had difficulty affecting action to resolve defects in his own home, what hope did the average person building a new home have?

In 2003, with the ultimate goal of bringing positive change to the construction industry, Darren and his wife Rebecca established Darbecca Pty Ltd and set about helping homeowners.

He still holds the conviction that all builders must build to the contracted and legislated agreements and never anything less.

Darbecca has grown to become an industry leader in its field, with Darren continuing to ensure that his values and ethics remain at the forefront of Darbecca’s company objectives.

Darren Love is highly qualified to lead Darbecca in its home building inspection activities. He holds qualifications to teach:

  • The BCA/NCC
  • Structural Principles
  • AS 1684.2, The Framing Standards
  • As 3700, AS 4773.1 and AS 4773.2 Masonry Standards
  • AS 2870 Slab Standards
  • Other related domestic construction Standards
  • Diploma in Building Surveying
  • Advanced Diploma in Building Surveying
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Rebecca Davis-Love

National Operations and Accounts Manager


Rebecca witnessed the poor application of standards in the domestic construction industry after a less than positive experience building her dream home.

As a result, Rebecca willingly partnered with Darren to see Darbecca come into being. She has been the driving force behind Darbecca’s operational success since its very inception.

Darbecca has benefited from Rebecca’s wealth of corporate experience. Experience that has placed her in a strong position to oversee the day to day operations of the home building inspection company.

With unwavering customer focus, Rebecca serves as a guiding light for the entire Darbecca team. She sets and role models the standards that all those associated with the Darbecca brand are required to follow.

The professionalism of all the staff in the field and in the office is evidence of Rebecca’s influence. She has built a team that lives the company’s values, ethics and principles.

Rebecca was also responsible for developing the carefully considered office-based systems that ensure clients have an exceptional experience with Darbecca.

Having developed an in-depth knowledge of the construction industry, Rebecca uses her knowledge to constantly refine and improve Darbecca’s processes.

Her dedication to the company and its mission mean that Rebecca always goes the extra mile to ensure clients are satisfied and that those who work for Darbecca do the same.

She driven by a desire to ensure Darbecca’s clients are armed with all the required information to ensure they are afforded their common law rights, whilst also being provided with the highest quality customer service.

Rebecca is the backbone of Darbecca’s core values.



Rod Leetham DB-U 66079

General Manager


Rod joined Darbecca in October 2015. Rod’s wealth of knowledge about the domestic building industry made him the natural choice for the role of General Manager. He has been the industry since 1994 – almost 30 years – meaning there is very little he does not know or has not seen.

After working for several builders and a building inspection company hands on and in management roles, Rod was attracted to Darbecca’s mission to raise standards in the sector.

Rod takes a meticulous and diligent approach to inspecting homes. He proactively shares his detailed knowledge with homeowners and builders alike to ensure that better building practices are applied.

Rods experience means he has an intimate understanding of building faults and the main issues that present themselves during new home builds. He has a sound knowledge of customer’s rights in accordance with legislation and building contracts. He also carries a clear understanding of the National Construction Code and relevant Australian Standards.

Rod makes it his business to be cognisant of manufacturers’ specifications and new products not covered by Australian Standards.

Rod is driven by the desire to ensure that all clients are delivered a home and not just a house.

As Darbecca's General Manager, Rod ensures that all Darbecca’s consultants meet Darbecca's Gold standards.