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  1. 1.       Purpose

    The purpose of our inspection is to identify any defects in the finishes and the quality of those finishes presented by the builder at the stage of works nominated on the front of this report. This report contains a schedule of building defects that in the writer’s judgement do not reach an acceptable standard of quality, level of building practice, or have not been built in a proper workmanlike manner relative to the Building Code of Australia, the relevant Australian Standards or the acceptable standards and tolerances as set down by the Building Control Commission.


    2.        Scope

    Our engagement is confined to that of a Building Consultant and not that of a Building Surveyor as defined in the Victorian Building Act, of 1993. We therefore have not checked and make no comment on the structural integrity of the building, nor have we checked the title boundaries, location of any easements, boundary setbacks, room dimensions, height limitations and or datum’s, glazing, alpine and bush-fire code compliance, or any other requirements that is the responsibility of the Relevant Building Surveyor, unless otherwise specifically noted within this report.


    3.       Assumed Finishes

    Our inspection was carried out on the quality of the fixtures and finishes as installed, and no investigation of any documentation or statuary requirements was carried out to verify their correctness.


    4.       Documentation

    Unless otherwise noted any contractual documentation made available to us during our inspection is only viewed on an informal basis and we make no certification that the building has been constructed in accordance with them.


    5.       Non-Destructive Inspection

    Unless otherwise noted our inspection was carried out on a non-destructive basis and exclude anything that would have require the removal of any fixtures, fittings, cladding, insulation, sisalation, roofing, lining materials, excavated of any soil or the removal of any part of the plastic membrane.


    6.       Measurements/Levels

    Unless otherwise noted all measurements have been taken with a standard ruler, and levels with either a 900 or 2100mm long spirit level.


    7.       Services, Appliances, Plants and Equipment

    Unless otherwise noted, we did not test or check for appropriateness, capacity, correct installation or certification of any service, appliances, plant and equipment, i.e. heaters, hot water units, air conditioners, ovens, hotplates, dishwashers, range hoods, spa pump, electrical wiring, gas lines, electricity and water supply, sewer, stormwater and agricultural drains.


    8.       Client Use

    This report has been prepared for the exclusive use of the client/s whose name/s appear/s on the front of this report as supplied by Darbecca Pty Ltd ABN 12 115 961 487. Any other person who uses or relies on this report without the authors written consent does so at his or her own risk and no responsibility is accepted by Darbecca Pty Ltd or the author of this report for such use and or reliance.


    9.       Report Reproduction

    This report cannot be reproduced in part; it must only be done so in full.


    10.    Reference

    Any reference contained within this report to the Building Code of Australian, an Australian Standard, a manufacturers technical data sheet or installation instruction is neither exhaustive nor a substitute for the original document and are provided as a guidance only. Darbecca Pty Ltd or the author of this report for the use or reliance upon of the part references contained within this report will accept no responsibility.


    11.    Report Exclusions

    a) Defects in inaccessible parts of the building including, but not limited to, the roof space and or the sub-floor area unless otherwise noted,

    b) Defects not apparent by visual inspection, or only apparent in different weather or environmental conditions as to those prevailing at the time of the inspection,

    c) Defects that we did not consider significant enough to warrant any rectification work at the time of our inspection,

    d) Defects outside the scope of the client brief

    e) Check measure of rooms, walls and the overall building, for size, parallel and squareness unless otherwise noted,

    f) Landscaping, retaining wall/s, or any structures outside the roofline of the main building unless otherwise noted,

    g) Enquiries of Council or any other Authorities,

    h) Investigation for asbestos and or soil contamination,

    i) Investigation for the presence of any termites or borers and for the correct installation of any termite barriers and or other risk management procedures or devices.

    j) Defects in relation to PVC sewage and storm water pipes are not covered in this inspection. Clients must seek the services of a licenced plumber to check all sewage and storm water pipes.


    12.       QCAT Suitability

    Unless specifically noted this report has not been prepared in-line with the requirements of QCAT.

    12.    VCAT Suitability

    Unless specifically noted this report has not been prepared in-line with the requirements of Practice Note VCAT 2. If you wish to have this report converted to a VCAT 2 Practice Note, please contact our office on 03 5366 6900.


Access was gained to all required areas of the residence unless noted otherwise within the report. The use of ladders is regulated by the OH&S Regulations 2017, we have not visualised any part of the dwelling that can not be seen by the author with their feet no higher than 2 m from FGL. 



The use of ladders is regulated by the WH&S Regulations 2011 Subdivision 3, we have not visualised any part of the dwelling that cannot be seen by the author with their feet no higher than 2 m from FGL.