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Quality Building Inspections

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Welcome to Darbecca

Darbecca Pty Ltd was established in 2003 by Darren and Rebecca. You can contact either office below:


Melbourne Office - 03 5366 6900 or admin@darbecca.com.au
Queensland Office - 07 2101 5331 or qldadmin@darbecca.com.au
QBCC LIC#15091159 VBA Registration#DBU-25068.







Our role is to assist you in identifying defects in new homes, both during the building process as well as during warranty period after settlement. We do a visual inspection of the dwelling, and depending on the stage of construction, write a report based on the Building Code of Australia, Applicable Australian Standards, Domestic Building Contract Laws, Local Guide's to Tolerances and Standards and Manufacturers Installation Instructions.


Our Mission

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This will be the biggest investment that most people make in their lifetime and our clients want the reassurance of knowing that their home has been built correctly.


Our role is to look at the house as if it was our own, and to provide you with the tools to be confident in your position with your builder.


Having a builder interrupt your home life with building maintenance repairs after handover is both frustrating and costly. Defects that could have been avoided can drag on for months.


Since starting the business we have grown to be the most respected Independent Building Consultants in Victoria and Queensland. Our professionalism and high quality reports speak for them self. 


Our business has grown in a controlled manner that has allowed us to continue to deliver on our mission statement.


Collectively Darren, and the Darbecca team are leading the way in Building Consultancy, utilising their extensive experience and knowledge of the industry to deliver the highest level of service to all of our clients.