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5 Reasons a Darbecca Building Inspection Franchise is a Standout Investment

Posted By Darren Love  

Why should you invest in a Darbecca building inspection franchise?

There are so many reasons why a Darbecca building inspection franchise is a fantastic investment.

We've laid out 5 of them for you.


At Darbecca we focus on what we're good at. Building inspections.

Why does this matter?

It matters because from time to time you're going to have questions. You're going to need support. You'll want the reassurance of knowing that you're getting answers from people who know what they're talking about. Not from people who profess to know everything about everything, including fixing computers, mowing lawns, washing dogs and conducting building inspections.

When you become a Darbecca franchise partner, you can rest assured that you'll only deal with experts. Experts who can provide support and advice about how you can grow your business in the construction industry. The kind of advice and support that sets us apart from our competitors.

And we really know our stuff. Owner Darren Love delivers lectures on building related topics at tertiary institutions and even teaches aspiring building inspectors how to do their job!

This means you can position your business as being more exclusive, expert and you'll be highly regarded as a specialist in your field. And people pay a premium for experts.

Our laser-focussed expertise will give you the best chance of maximising your business success.


People are always going to need somewhere to live. As the population continues to expand, the construction industry will continue to grow. Our current economic climate of low interest rates, government initiatives, customer demand and the marketing efforts of building companies and developers indicates that it is an industry that is primed for ongoing growth.

Whilst homes are being built for people by people, they are always going to be subject to human error. There is always going to be a need for building inspections.

Homeowners are increasingly looking for reassurance that their home is being built the right way. They've heard the horror stories. They recognise the need to hire experts and they recognise the need to manage the quality of their build.

This is all excellent news for building inspectors.


With some franchise models it can take an age to recoup your investment. We understand that you want to see a return in a relatively short timeframe.

So, Darbecca has carefully priced their building inspection franchises so that they are within reach financially and so that we can also offer you the support you need.

We think we've got the balance just right.


When you sign on as a Darbecca building inspection franchise partner, you know you're signing on with an immensely respected brand. We've worked hard to win the trust of our clients over many years. This has come through our dedication to our customers and our outright refusal to compromise on identifying sub-par building works.

This means your business will have instant credibility. Just remember, customers buy from people they know, like and trust. People want to work with Darbecca, which gives your business an extra boost from the outset!


We think it's ultra-important for a Franchisor to support their franchise partners. After all, we're the ones that have built the business from the ground up, we know what works and what doesn't, and we want you to benefit from our experience.

As a Darbecca building inspection franchise partner you can expect:

  • Support with the sales process so that your business is more lucrative
  • Technological support so that you can complete your work more efficiently
  • Support with invoicing, quoting and the collection of payments so you've got more time for the important things in life
  • Training so that you can carry out building inspections safely and confidently
  • Marketing support, you only need to worry about marketing in your local area
  • Procedural support, so your business will run like a well-oiled machine
  • And much, much more...

We know you'll agree that Darbecca has the potential to be an outstanding investment but there is one missing ingredient...you. We can't grow the brand without you.


Contact us now to hear more about why Darbecca is a brilliant investment.
Contact Rod on 03 5367 2111 or 0499199070.


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