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Darbecca Pty Ltd reserves the right to increase the cost of inspections depending on the amount of bathrooms, the size and complexity of the home. Our pricing below is based on a standard two bathroom, 4 bedroom home to a maximum of 40 sq.

We offer all of our clients a discount package rate based upon the amount of inspections conducted.

The full standard pricing is charged where the discount package is not applicable.

Our charges cover a full thorough inspection with a detailed written report covering all defects identified onsite.

Homes outside of the above parameters may incur additional charges. Please contact our office for a quote tailored for your new home.


Darbecca Pty Ltd will stand behind our reports with a reasonable level of support. If the home owner requires a greater level of support, Darbecca Pty Ltd reserve the right to require that the home owner and the Builder attend the site for a site meeting to discuss any and all outstanding issues at a cost of $450.00 + GST

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Packaged Rates: 
Stage InspectionsSingle StoreyDouble Storey
Pre Pour/ Base Inspection$490.00 + GST$490.00 + GST
Slab Inspections$330.00 + GST$330.00 + GST
Frame Inspections$495.00 + GST$539.00 + GST
Pre Plaster /Lock up Inspections$495.00 + GST$539.00 + GST
Post Lock up/Fixing Inspections$495.00 + GST$539.00 + GST
PCI/Final Inspections$630.00 + GST$730.00 + GST
Off the Plan Purchase Inspections$630.00 + GST$730.00 + GST
Renovation/Extension Inspections$630.00 + GST$730.00 + GST
Post Handover/Maintenance Inspections$630.00 + GST$730.00 + GST
Waterproofing Inspections$430.00 + GST$430.00 + GST
Additional Services and Inspections: 
Additional Inspection / ServiceSingle StoreyDouble Storey
Re Inspections$385.00 + GST$425.00 + GST
Contract Review$400.00 per review + GST
VCAT matters including inspections, report writing, preparation of costings & meetings$225.00 per hour plus travel + GST
VCAT attendance$225.00 per hour plus travel. Minimum 4 hours. + GST
Multiple unit & house developmentsWritten quote to be provided